Needle debris removal

Your DBA is committed to keeping Downtown clean. Through the contract the DBA has with The City of Red Deer, the DBA is contracted to empty garbage receptacles, pick up litter and pressure wash furniture. Sometimes, The Clean Team find needles and drug paraphernalia amongst regular litter. The DBA Clean Team staff have been trained to safely collect needles and dispose of them. Part of the service your DBA provides is to pick up any needles that you may find – regardless of its location within the Downtown core.

If you find a needle:

Please call 403-342-8238. The location of the needle(s) will be taken from you and the message passed on to the Clean Team, who will be over to collect the needle(s). The person on the phone will provide info on how to make the area safe if it is in a public space and could be an imminent danger to the public.

Alternatively, The Clean team are out on the street every business day from 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. Feel free to chat with them about your discovery. They will either visit the location immediately to remove the needle(s) or, if you are comfortable, provide you with a needle pick up kit and instructions on how to safely pick-up dispose of needles. The DBA offers free needle pick up kits to any business in the core.

For more information:

Click here to view Red Deer's Needle Disposal Guide. Please note 403-NEEDLES is not in service; use 403-342-8238.

If you would like to discuss how the DBA is working with The City of Red Deer and other local agencies to reduce needle debris Downtown and throughout the rest of Red Deer, please contact the DBA Executive Director directly at 403-340-8696.

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