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Learn more about Downtown Red Deer with these answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

When and how was the Red Deer Downtown Business Association formed?

In response to a petition by Downtown businesses, in late 1983, Red Deer City Council passed a by-law establishing the Red Deer Downtown Business Association (DBA) as a Business Revitalization Zone under the Municipal Government Act.  The association is funded primarily by a business tax levy on the net annual rental value of the area occupied by a business located within the BRZ. Everyone benefits, so everyone pays.

What is a BIA?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is formed under the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and is governed by a set of bylaws that designates the zone and allows for a levy to be applied to businesses within the BRZ to improve and promote the area. The BRZ is guided by a volunteer governance board whose members are elected members of the BRZ and/or appointed by Red Deer City Council.

Is the Downtown Business Association (DBA) part of The City of Red Deer organization?

No. However, in order to advocate for the needs of the businesses and fulfil the DBA strategic objectives, it is in the best interests of the DBA to maintain a positive relationship wherever possible.

How is the DBA funded?

The DBA is funded primarily by a levy that is imposed on all businesses within the BRZ.  By occupying a space within the boundaries, the levy is automatically applied at City level when preparing tax notices.  The BRZ levy makes up approximately 65% of the DBA budget, the remaining 35% comes from contracts and grants.  The combined sources of income allow the DBA to deliver all of the programs and services as laid out in the strategic plan and in more detail throughout the website.  The levy alone does generate enough income to maintain the level of service provided.

Is the Red Deer Public Market (held on Saturdays) organized by the Downtown Business Association?

No. The DBA organizes the ATB Downtown Market, held Wednesdays from 3:30-6:30 p.m. The organizer of the Red Deer Public Market (Dennis Moffat) can be reached at 403.346.6443.

I have questions about social issues that are affecting my Downtown business. Who should I contact?

The DBA promotes itself as the direct point of contact to all businesses experiencing challenges in whatever form that takes. This ensures the DBA is aware of what is going on throughout the Downtown and is able to advocate where needed at municipal levels.

Downtown Red Deer Businesses face a number of challenges on a daily basis, from drug and needle debris to graffiti to pan handling and loitering. This is not unusual in any city and we will never be able to entirely eradicate it, however, it is our responsibility in the community to provide support where possible and to identify clear boundaries around acceptable behaviour.

To counteract these challenges, the DBA has a number of resources available. Whatever you are experiencing, please contact the DBA and share it with us – we can help. We have access to needle pick-up, staff training, and one-on-one sessions with your business to look at crime prevention solutions that can even be partly funded by the DBA.

For more information or to discuss an issue, contact Sandy at or 403.340.8696.

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